e.i.n Marketing has its own standards

e.i.n. Marketing: The name is chosen with care. It stands for efficient teamwork,  integrated 360° communication and sustainable marketing solutions, which shows exactly our company philosophy and what we are happy to offer to you.




For ambitios marketiers the given budget seems rarely to be sufficent. Promotional efficency is needed and often the decision maker.

Our philosophy: we help our customers to reach their targets.

Efficency through:

  • clear process in teamwork
  • solide briefings and deep diving problem definitions
  • analyses beforehand if neccessary
  • individual and creative marketing solutions
  • „out of the box“ thinking

i.ntegrated communication

Our objective is to achieve 360° Communications for our customers. What is in for you? Analysis-Skills, sticking to the marketing objectives and strong brand key thinking leads to a structured marketing and communication concept. You will get done the solid platform for an unique communication concept for all targetgroups and media. Your benefit: your Unique campaign in advertising and media and a visable long term competitive advantage.


integrated marketing approach:

  • Identify the brandkey and problem
  • comunication according to the targetgroup
  • clear communication platform
  • B2B und B2C solutions
  • tools and media simply based on strategy
  • unique campaign with high visibility


n=s; "Nachhaltigkeit" in German means "Sustainability" in English. Sustainablity ist important to us and our strong guideline for dealing with companies in organic food and fair trade business.

No discussion: we try to deliver sustainable communications concepts in general. Your benefit: longterm solutions and recognizable value for your company. 

Sustainablity through:

  • Marketing on strategy
  • sustainable Marketing solutions
  • experts in organic food and fair trade
  • experience in CSR strategies
  • clear value for your company


  • Brand Strategies
  • Product Launches
  • Product Relaunches
  • Advertising & Media
  • Sales Promotions
  • PR Solutions